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Graduate Student

Heather Carpenter

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I study the ecology of the fascinating Totora, a giant sedge vastly underappreciated in the modern world, despite its historical importance. My interests lie with plant ecology, ethnobotany and the biology of symbiotic organisms, specifically the love of my life: lichens!

Jenise Snyder

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I study wetland plant roots and rhizomes. Specifically I am investigating how fertilizer enrichment affects their growth, structure, cycling of nutrients, and other belowground interactions. My research interests lie with wetland plant ecology and pollination and plant reproductive ecology.

Petr Macek

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My research efforts are mainly focused on the role of plant clonality in wetland systems and on plant ecophysiology in stressful environments. In the last years I also plunged into plant spatiotemporal patterns in wetlands, interactions plant-animal and tree growth dynamics. Ecophysiology themes comprise both wetland and alpine habitats – specifically nutrient and water management and adaptations to low temperatures.

Barbora Pivnickova

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I graduated the master study on the Department of Ecology and Hydrobiology on Faculty of Biological Sciences, University of South Bohemia in specialization Soil biology. In master thesis I studied growth and development of functional groups of microorganisms in forest soils. In February 2005 I started PhD study on the same department with an interest in diversity of microorganisms in tropical wetlands (Belize).

Evan Wolf

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My interests are in understanding the processes that form and maintain wetlands, quantifying wetland value in terms of ecosystem services, and identifying stabilizing feedbacks and ecological thresholds in order to improve wetland restoration techniques.

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