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Eliška Rejmánková

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Eliška Rejmánková's research lab focuses on the structure and functions of wetlands of California and Central America. Topics such as carbon transformations, nutrient uptake, and tolerance of selected species to increased levels of salinity are subject to field analyses and experiments.

She is part of a multidisciplinary team studying malaria vectors in Central America. The important conclusions resulting from this research demonstrated the need for combining traditional survey techniques with modern technology for developing successful predictions of disease outbreaks.

PhD: Botany, 1981, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslavia

RNDr: Botany, 1971, Charles University, Prague, Czechoslavia

M.Sc: Botany, 1970, Charles University

Classes taught:
ESP 155. Wetand Ecology (3) I. Lecture-3 hours. Prerequisite: course 100 or Botany 117; course 110 or 151 recommended.
Introduction to wetland ecology. The structure and function of major wetland types and principles that are common to wetlands and that distinguish them from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

ESP 155L. Wetand Ecology Laboratory (3) I. Lecture-1 hour; laboratory-6 hours; fieldwork-three 1-day weekend field trips.
Prerequisite: course 155 required (may be taken concurrently). Modern and classic techniques in wetland field ecology. Emphasis on sampling procedures, vegetation analysis, laboratory analytical procedures, and examples of successful wetland restoration techniques.

ESP 220. Tropical Ecology (3) III. Tropical Ecology (3) III. Lecture-2 hours, discussion-1 hour Prerequisite: an advanced introductory ecology course (course 100 or Evolution and Ecology 101 or 117); Evolution and Ecology 138 recommended. Open to graduate and undergraduate students who meet requirement, subject to consent of instructor. An overview of present status of knowledge on structure and processes of major tropical ecosystems. Differences and similarities among tropical and temperate systems will be stressed. Offered in alternate years.